Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Movie Night

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been preoccupied with eating, baking and holiday-type laziness. I wore this last week to the movies with my friends. There magenta skater skirt is from Mr Price online. Isn't it preeeddy?

xx Khenzo :)

It's Been A While Since We Last Spoke

Belated Merry Christmas everybody! Season's eatings to all. :)
xx Khenzo

Monday, 10 December 2012

Me and My Girls We Don't Buy Bottles, We Bring 'Em

Edgars jean jacket, Maxed crop top from Mr Price Sport, high-waisted jeans from Mr Price and YDE platform wedge ankle boots

YDE leopard-print platform wedge ankle boots, Aldo strappy black platform wedges

Cheers to another good week. I hope the heat goes down soon. Pretoria on a Sunday afternoon does not go hand in hand with even the strongest deodorant. Only five minutes into the afternoon, and we were sweating like pigs and burning faster than pancakes.
I'm not too sure I can handle the heat any longer and I'm definitely not prepared to leave the kitchen. But it is great weather for maxi skirts, crops, strappy sandal wedges and large sunnies (courtesy of this month's Elle magazine).

Love and Jelly Tots
xx Khenzo xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Obsessed: Denim Trending

I've always loved denim. Just because of it's versatility, simplicity and style and that it goes with just about everything and anything if you know what you're doing and even when you don't.
It's good to see that that denim is hot again, and not only just denim but wearing denim on denim. I'm sure everyone remembers how it was banished when Britney and J.T did that horrific full on denim ensemble and we all just forgot about wearing denim anywhere but our bottoms.
If this was the prime of Britney's career, I can understand why she'd ended up like this now. No?
But now it's back and better than ever.
Rihanna in a very retro look that reminds me of Michael Jackson's thriller

The two very different contrasting shades of denim here are  wonderfully inspired and scream bad-girl-sex-kitten

Nothing is more effortlessly cool than rolled up sleeves and wayfarers.

Studded jeans, a ponytail and hoop earrings. I think anyone worth their cheddar in the nineties is singing their praises.

I just love acid wash jeans and this girl looks so cute and cool.

The white blazer and black loafers give the frayed shorts a polished look.

Her shoe game is sick.

I think the key to a really chic and well done denim-on-denim look is to not have your denim in the same wash if you're doing a pant and jacket combo. If you're doing a denim shirt and short in the same wash, I think there should be something in the middle to break it up like a belt or a neutral coloured shirt.
The best thing about denim is that you have carte blanche with the accessories. It's the perfect neutral canvas. I really do acid washed jeans and studded jackets just because they give the look edge.

Love and Jelly Tots
xx Khenzo xx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Long, December Nights

December has to be the best time of the year for me. And, no, it's not because of Christmas but just the idea of reminiscing on a long year, relaxing, having all the time in the world to make new memories, and just the idea of popsicle filled afternoons and carbonated drinks at night, getting to prepare for a new year and, hopefully, a new chapter.

Love and Jelly Tots
xx Khenzo xx

Let The Sky Fall, Let It Crumble

Black and white striped tank top from Pick 'n' Pay Clothing,  blue sequin skirt from  MRP Online,  black heels, mint blue bag from Mr Price, gold necklace from Accesorize, spike bangle set from Mr Price and black Swatch watch

Love and Jelly Tots
xx Khenzo xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Can We Try Again?

Woolworths thermal vest, black Identity dress and Miss Signature Plum lipstick

Identity leopard print and black bow heels and Nike black ankle socks

Identity ring, Diva watch, Mr Price metallic bracelets and Guess clutch purse
I was trying to think of a new way to wear some of my old clothes, seeing as that I'm not getting any money soon for shopping, and the November issue of Glamour magazine gave me the idea to wear one of my thermals under that Identity LBD.
It's always been one of my favourite dresses but having had worn it to the first 012 Hall of Fame Awards last year it had to collect dust in the far end of my wardrobe. I hate being seen in the same thing more than once.

Yours truly,
Khenzo xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

I Hope You Get Your Just Desserts

If life only came down to great shoes and rich pastries, I think I would be what you'd call "consistently going after the dream" and "eternally hungry." Which is to say nothing excites me more than wonderfully, creatively and mind-bogging made desserts. I'm sure we've all been around We Heart It and seen the millions of Tumblr blogs (check out mine: Glitter Daiquiri) and ooh'd at the rainbow cupcakes with swirling icing, the cakes in the shapes of shoes, lip-glosses and Sesame Street characters, we've aah'd at the colourful macaroons, chocolate waterfalls and Oreo creme-somethings.
No wonder obesity is on the rise. I get a tooth ache every time I log onto my computer.
But for me, it's not even about what's going to dance on my taste buds and make me die a little inside when I step onto the scale -OK, it's a little bit a lot about that- it's also about the work that goes into getting these desserts perfect and fluffy and rich. It's about the creativeness and ingenuity and backwards thinking that goes behind  princess carriages and race track cakes. I think bakers and pastry chefs are one of the most practical left-side brained people out there, even if making people fat isn't too practical.

But for now, just hand me another slice of that tart.
Yours truly, 
Khenzo xx

Lost at Sea Cake

Snow Men Cupcakes

Gifts Cupcakes

Upper East Side Royalty Inspired Cupcakes

iPhone App Cupcakes

The Lost Book of Salem Cupcakes

Summer Themed Bikini Cupcakes

Spring Themed Picnic Cupcakes

Penguin Cupcakes

Cute Zoo Animals Cupcakes

 Black Tie Cupcake and Egg Blue (almost like a Tiffany's box) Cupcake

The Start-My-Diet-On-Monday Package

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