Saturday, 24 November 2012

I Hope You Get Your Just Desserts

If life only came down to great shoes and rich pastries, I think I would be what you'd call "consistently going after the dream" and "eternally hungry." Which is to say nothing excites me more than wonderfully, creatively and mind-bogging made desserts. I'm sure we've all been around We Heart It and seen the millions of Tumblr blogs (check out mine: Glitter Daiquiri) and ooh'd at the rainbow cupcakes with swirling icing, the cakes in the shapes of shoes, lip-glosses and Sesame Street characters, we've aah'd at the colourful macaroons, chocolate waterfalls and Oreo creme-somethings.
No wonder obesity is on the rise. I get a tooth ache every time I log onto my computer.
But for me, it's not even about what's going to dance on my taste buds and make me die a little inside when I step onto the scale -OK, it's a little bit a lot about that- it's also about the work that goes into getting these desserts perfect and fluffy and rich. It's about the creativeness and ingenuity and backwards thinking that goes behind  princess carriages and race track cakes. I think bakers and pastry chefs are one of the most practical left-side brained people out there, even if making people fat isn't too practical.

But for now, just hand me another slice of that tart.
Yours truly, 
Khenzo xx

Lost at Sea Cake

Snow Men Cupcakes

Gifts Cupcakes

Upper East Side Royalty Inspired Cupcakes

iPhone App Cupcakes

The Lost Book of Salem Cupcakes

Summer Themed Bikini Cupcakes

Spring Themed Picnic Cupcakes

Penguin Cupcakes

Cute Zoo Animals Cupcakes

 Black Tie Cupcake and Egg Blue (almost like a Tiffany's box) Cupcake

The Start-My-Diet-On-Monday Package

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