Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Obsessed: Denim Trending

I've always loved denim. Just because of it's versatility, simplicity and style and that it goes with just about everything and anything if you know what you're doing and even when you don't.
It's good to see that that denim is hot again, and not only just denim but wearing denim on denim. I'm sure everyone remembers how it was banished when Britney and J.T did that horrific full on denim ensemble and we all just forgot about wearing denim anywhere but our bottoms.
If this was the prime of Britney's career, I can understand why she'd ended up like this now. No?
But now it's back and better than ever.
Rihanna in a very retro look that reminds me of Michael Jackson's thriller

The two very different contrasting shades of denim here are  wonderfully inspired and scream bad-girl-sex-kitten

Nothing is more effortlessly cool than rolled up sleeves and wayfarers.

Studded jeans, a ponytail and hoop earrings. I think anyone worth their cheddar in the nineties is singing their praises.

I just love acid wash jeans and this girl looks so cute and cool.

The white blazer and black loafers give the frayed shorts a polished look.

Her shoe game is sick.

I think the key to a really chic and well done denim-on-denim look is to not have your denim in the same wash if you're doing a pant and jacket combo. If you're doing a denim shirt and short in the same wash, I think there should be something in the middle to break it up like a belt or a neutral coloured shirt.
The best thing about denim is that you have carte blanche with the accessories. It's the perfect neutral canvas. I really do acid washed jeans and studded jackets just because they give the look edge.

Love and Jelly Tots
xx Khenzo xx

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