Sunday, 27 January 2013

[Outfit Post] Yeah, Yeah, I'm Up At Brooklyn, Now I'm In TriBeCa

White tank top, triangle and anchor necklace from Jay Jays, Mr Price high waisted polka dot shorts and Mr Price mint sling bag

I went out last night with love, Kate, to Brooklyn Mall for a farewell dinner for a friend who's leaving south side for the States. Not that I'm jealous, he's the one who'll see snow and visit dollar stores. You know, whatevs.

I hope everyone had as a good a weekend as I did--which, yes, I know, is rather impossible (unless you met Kanye West, then you win and I hate your guts. Kill yourself)--and here's to a good week that will hopefully quickly slide into the weekend.

Cupcake Sprinkles,
xx Khenzo xx

Heaven's Got A Plan For You (One Last Tour)

We came.
We raved.
We loved.

Lesego (left): Cotton On top, Edgars denim shorts, knee socks from Clicks, Mr Price ankle boots, handbag chain worn as a bangle and Mr Price Chain
Me (right): acid washed denim shirt from Mr Price, high waisted shorts from Jay Jays, hidden wedge sneakers from Zoom and Mr Price assorted black and gold bangles
 Friday, the 25th of January was arguably the best night of my life. Hands down. I've never been to something so intense nor have I ever bombed as many photos in my life. The atmosphere was so sick. There were flashing lights, shows of fire, a million bodies fist pumping and jumping up and down as one and a great venue. One Last Tour was just great. I got my white girl on and I fist pumped and pretended I could step.
It was the kind of night one chooses never to remember. With all of my girls in tow, it was just beautiful.

xx Khenzo xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Who's Gonna Save the World Tonight?

One Last Tour at Wild Waters, Boksburg
I'm not going to lie: I am not the biggest fan of Swedish House Mafia (I know, like, three songs) but I can appreciate a good concert at a great price. I'm pretty sure everybody and their mamas (in some cases literally) will be going and it's not like I've got anything better to do on a Friday night. My social life resembles Kim Kardashian's ridiculous extensions: no longer applicable.

Another great reason to go is that it's their final live performance (oh, right, they're on hiatus... like anyone ever really resumes working) and it's going to be here, the best province in the country. Why? Because I'm here, duh!
And Wild Waters is a great place, it is. So I'm not really sure what one wears to a dance/pop/electro/house(what genre are they?) concert but considering that it is at Wild Waters (a too cool to quit water park) I'm going to dress summertime fine. Short-shorts, a light breezy top, some kicks and loads of accessories (you can NEVER have to many... well, you can but I can't). I've been searching Tumblr for inspiration.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, check out my blog Saturday night or Sunday morning. I'm going to do a fashion shoot in Pretoria. It's my first try at styling, art directing and photgraphy all at once. It's going to be really great. So check it out, if you will. And tell your fabulous friends.

Love, Khenzo xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

[Outfit Post] What's the Matter When You're Sitting There with so Much More?

I know I said I'd be organising my closet today but then I though, "I'm going to need hangers. And maybe some tights. I could do with a pair of pants right now too." And that turned into me, at Sandton, arms full with shopping bags from Jay Jays, Jet, Mr Price and Zoom (they were having a 70% off sale, surely I couldn't have been expected to look away).
Studded shorts from Jay Jays on sale :)
My new love. I've been looking for pretty (and affordable) hidden wedge sneakers like the Isabel Marant ones or the ones from Steve Madden. Thank you, Zoom!

Leopard print tie-front shirt from Mr Price, magenta skater skirt from Mr Price, purple and brown tote from Cotton On, sheer knee socks from Clicks, Identity pink and gold bangles and old, scruffy boots from my sister's closet

Lots of love,
xx Khenzo xx

Out With the Old, in With the New...

I am a total slob.
There's no way around it. I love chaos and that's what my room is. But after reading Simon Doonan's Gay Men Don't Get Fat, I'm taking a new approach to life. Starting my closet. I've been quite obsessed with shoe closets and well-organised, neat closets of the cool people.
So today, I'm beginning again. First, I'll have to get over my hoarders' type persona and get rid of the things I don't need anymore (which will be really hard, it's in my blood. My mom's kept all of her clothes since 1995) and then folding, colour organising and sorting. Hanging all of my dresses and skirts, seeing which T-shirts I can part with (but they all hold soooo many memories) and don't even get me started on my shoes.
But it can be done.

xx Khenzo
Here is some shoe-spiration

Thirty pairs of shoes I have to sort through. I love them all, though.

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