Thursday, 29 August 2013

[Outfit Post] Keep It 300 Like the Romans

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It's pretty much taken all the self control and all the will power I (don't) have to not go on and on about the upcoming, wait for it, wait for it, Spring Ball at school. I can't even begin to describe how much I love high school dances - despite the fact that I've never been to one. When I went to Girls' High, I'd been resigned to have to wait until grade eleven for Valentine's Ball and the Matric Dance in grade twelve - I'm sorry but that's a lot of waiting. Especially considering the fact that I've been doodling dresses and hairstyles since grade four.
I grew up on all the corny chick flicks and romantic comedies where everything magical would at the prom/formal/dance. You'd arrive in the most jaw droppingly beautiful dress (sort of like Pretty In Pink, but I didn't care much for the dress), then you'd have that perfect dance with the Romeo (like Sam did with Austin in A Cinderella Story), really great music would play and, of course, the girl we've loved all along will win prom queen (Mean Girls).

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

I found my sister's matric dance dress today and I thought, why not? Despite the fact that my sister and I are almost the same height now she was a little bit longer than me then so the dress scrunches up in the back but it's pretty decent-looking. I didn't like it at the time but I am amazed at how before-her-time my sister was when she chose the high-low hem in, get this, 2009.

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I also really love it when small girls wear giant mens' blazers with their cutesy, itsy bitsy cocktail dresses or whatever. It just makes me think of that part in movies when beautiful boys like Chad Michael Murray and Will Smith give the girl (who is not me, why!) their jacket and the angles sing and a Mandy Moore song goes off in my head and the world is right
Because she's wearing a boyfriend blazer! But not like all your favourite fashionistas who go buy ladies' blazers tailored and cut to look like mens', no, this is the boyfriend blazer. What all the hippest girls in past decades cool enough to have boyfriends with nice stuff and be able to look good in a paper bag.
I am neither of those things which is why I love it.

I found some things in my note pads that I'd done in class with my favourite gel ink pens (because they make everything better - fact of life: you're more likely to pass a test if you write it in gel ink... and if you study but that's debatable) and I feel like they need to be shared:
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A playlist I compiled because I was feeling a little saucy. It's just my favourite songs about girls (which is also the name of's only "good" solo album). If you don't know, I'll have to inform you that I think Lana Del Rey is a goddess.
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I originally started this as the cover for a mixed CD I was going to make for my friend but, I don't know, I think I'll do something else for her. So there's a lot of Kanye, Lana, Bruno and Jay. Notice that Natalie and Lolita are on both lists; they/'re so McMuffin amazing.

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And other stuff...
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Anyway, I've got a History essay to perfect - in gel ink, no less
Khenzo xx 

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  1. I like your drawings and your writings. I forgot about the boyfriend jacket over cute dress LOOK. I must wear this again soon.


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