Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Talking to: Ellie Connor-Phillips from Rose and Vintage

 Ellie Connor-Phillips describes herself as a "slightly time warped teen" and "professional couch potato" so, of course, I instantly developed a girl crush. She's a feminist from London, UK, who draws on past decades for her fashion and musical tastes and spends her time around vintage and charity shops. She only began her blog, Rose and Vintage, quite recently and has developed quite the following and you can see why. She's friendly and seemingly very approachable. She reads all her comments and despite her air of cooly-cool-coolness, you can already tell that she'll readily offer you a cup of tea and show you some of her really cute finds from the vintage and charity stores she likes so much.
It's very obvious from your blog title and content that you like vintage. What caused this love?

 It was definitely a gradual process. I used to wear very mainstream, high-street items from places like Topshop and River Island, but I never really felt comfortable or like I was truly being 'me', whoever that is. I started to look at a few vintage shops like Rokit, and combined with a good look at other teen blogs for inspiration, I ended up completely hooked on second-hand clothing. I think the fact that you have to search around the shops and can find some really unique pieces appeals to me, that along with the fact that thrifting is so much cheaper than high-street shopping!
Who are your sources of inspiration and icons in fashion?
Tavi Gevinson is definitely one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to style, however I also really admire icons like Iris Apfel, (she is 91 and still looking absolutely fabulous!) and Vivienne Westwood. David Bowie also really inspires some of my outfits, especially during his Ziggy Stardust phase. He also reminds me that it's OK to completely change your style every now and again, which I find quite freeing.
Coming from London, you must have been exposed to plenty of different dress styles. Has anything you've seen influenced the way you dress?
You're right, living in London you get to see people from all different cultures and backgrounds with all different styles all the time, which definitely does give you some ideas with your own fashion sense. The area I live in is very indie/grunge, and so I am influenced by their laid-back, retro style, but I also like to spend a lot of time in places like Camden and Brick Lane, where you get to see lots of people with very eccentric or alternative fashion senses. It gives you ideas and makes you want to be more adventurous with what you wear.
You've listed Art, English and Textiles as some of the subjects you're taking in school. You've already shown your love of writing, why have you chosen Art and Textiles as subjects?
I absolutely adore writing about things I am interested in, however my main interests are textiles and art. I love fashion and designing, and so textiles really appealed to me, and I'm quite creative and enjoy art too. The three subjects really compliment each other, actually, as you can't do textiles without having some knowledge of art, and you can't do either without being able to write and having some background knowledge of famous artists and designers.

Do you plan on having a career in fashion? If so, what would you like to do? Or, if not, what would you like to become?

I would love a career in fashion, however I'm more than happy to try and keep my options open and not assign myself to one specific career path so early in my life. I'm a bit of a free spirit, and I think I'd like to do a bit of everything, especially in fashion and media
What is the most significant item of clothing in your closet and why?
That's so hard! Um...probably my maroon dolphin jumper. It's huge and warm, perfect for lazy days.
I don't know why you think you're not too photogenic but I do love your make-up in your photos. When it comes to make-up and hair what are your favourite looks and styles?
Thank you so much! I tend to colour in and shape my eyebrows with Benefit Browzing Wax, and I use any cheap liquid eyeliner on my eyes. I like Rimmel mascara...the thicker the better! I usually go for the sort of cat-eye look, and I prefer to accentuate my eyes and eyebrows rather than my lips or cheeks. MAs for my hair, I usually just blow dry it and leave it natural, or scrunch it up in a sort of folded-over ponytail bun.
Were there any specific events that sparked your interest in fashion?
When I was about 13, and just starting to get interested in fashion, my cousin's girlfriend at the time. called Kate, was studying fashion design at university and offered to show me her work. I went to her flat one day in the summer and she talked me through the whole design process and all the work that goes into fashion design and marketing. It was such a good day and I remember coming away thinking 'wow, I could actually do that,' since then, I've just been continuing the things she showed me, and trying to get better at the thing I enjoy so much.
What were your favourite trends from the 1960s to the 1990s and why?
I think the whole 60's was pretty awesome, but the mod look was definitely something I admire. Everything was so specific, and I love that. The 90's was the opposite, completely relaxed and grungy, and I love that too. I think it's cool to try and mix different trends like those two together; like really tailored, mod style trousers and then a grungy, slouchy shirt or jumper. Smart-casual all the way!

Are there any trends this year that you're in love with and any that you'd like to see die?
I love box jackets and pastels, and both are going to be big this year. I hate neon though--it's great on the catwalk, but people on the street rarely wear it right and it just ends up looking terrible.
You seem to be the know-how kid when it comes to thrift stores and finding great pieces, do you have any tips for anyone who wants shop vintage?
The best tip I can give is don't be scared of secondhand! You can go to 'vintage style' stores or get 'renewed' clothes, but they're often no different to the things in thrift stores, but three times the price. Charity stores and cheap thrift shops often have so many amazing one-off pieces for super cheap, and they have a range of sizes... not just Topshop's size six, which let's be honest, barely anyone can fit into. Don't be put off by the smell or feel of an item...vintage clothes do smell musky but after a wash it goes away completely. Also, rummage around! You never know what these sort of shops have hidden behind other things.
If you had to describe yourself in ten words.
Peculiar, odd, happy, creative, emotionally-introverted, chatty, (occasionally) awkward, crazy, spontaneous, honest.
Can you name your favourite London based fashion blog?
Not really from London but Peppermint Whiskers by Sinead. She is so lovely and her style is amazing. 
Are there any other international fashion/street style blogs you're obsessed with?
I love I Broke My Hip Doing the Twist, For the Quaint Hearted , Bobbly Rainbow Socks, Teen Witch, The Holly Rivers Show and Pull Your Socks Up.
[They] each have such individual and inspiring style.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Probably that what you see isn't always what actually is. I've always had confidence issues and the thing I try to remember is it doesn't matter if I think I look bad, as sometimes what you see in the mirror isn't what everyone else can see. Also, nice people don't actually care what you look like--if they do, they're not nice people!

 Check out Ellie on her blog: Rose and Vintage and follow her on Twitter @elliecp
Khenzo xx

Images from Ellie's Lookbook and her blog

Monday, 29 April 2013

You Are the Only Exception

This is just some Monday inspiration. I'm in a really good mood as of late. School is going pretty well, I found a really cool hat that I'm going to buy tomorrow (pay day, well, allowance time), LEGiT featured my last look post on their Pinterest page (I know a lot of people won't think it's that significant but I was beyond stoked) and some very cool bloggers agreed to let me interview them for this here bloggedy-weblog-blog. How cool? The interviews should be up before the end of the week and for now:

The above images are not mine. They're from Emma Jane Nation. A really lovely South African based blog. The first two are by a wedding photographer she admires and the third one is from a fabulous Jo'burg burger bar.
So sometime in January Wildfox Couture did a catalogue phot shoot inspired by the best movie from 1995 that changed teenage girls' styles in the 90s: Clueless!
This is a really lovely recreation of the scene when Tai met Dion and Cher. I really love the denim and flannel look that the model-as-Tai is wearing and I want Cher's T-shirt!

This is most likely the part where Cher and Dion get on their little charity high and give Tai a make-over. I don't know why but I love seeing pretty girls with curlers in their hair.

Ah, to have your dad make $500 an hour and drive a really cool Jeep...

The thing I loved most about Clueless was the really cute take on preppy fashion. Knee socks and head bands please!

The mansion in the background is an almost exact replica!
And this a lovely modern take on the classic, retro Clueless wardrobe: platform Mary-Janes, knee socks, plaid, short skirts with matching blazers and those adorable backpacks.

If you've actually seen the movie then you would know how clever this T-shirt is. Before Cher went for her driver's test her ex step-brother, Josh, mentions how she gets offended when anyone thinks she lives below Sunsent [Boulevard].

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Somebody Drank My Medicine, Somebody's In My Head Again

The Pretty Reckless's 'My Medicine'.
I'm in love with this song and this music video. Initially it reminded me of the end scene of Jennifer's Body when Amanda Seyfriend's character had gone and killed those Indie rock band members in their hotel rooms. The place Taylor Momsen enters is much like that to. A dingy room, low lit, suspicious scents in the smoky air, filled with high and drunk people with alternative hair cuts, emo tattoos and rebellious hair cuts.
Love it.

xx Khenzo

Saturday, 27 April 2013

[Outfit Post] Blue As the Sky; Sombre and Lonely

Navy silk scarf from somewhere, white blazer from Legit, Mr Price 'comfy' blue T-shirt, leather look pleated Mr Price skirt, patterned tights from Ackerman's, Jet spiked cobalt wedges, mint sling bag
Tonight I went out for a belated birthday dinner with my friends and I got some lovely lemon garlic stains on my shirt. But I did have some really great sushi!
For some reason every other item I took from my wardrobe (read: mess on the floor) was either mint, cobalt, turquoise, aqua, navy or baby blue.
I found these really cool cobalt blue, gold spiked wedges from Jet the other day and I couldn't believe what a steal it was! But I believed it a little because it is Jet and they don't sell anything over R300. Unfortunately they become quite uncomfortable after a while but lovely none the less. And I bought this blazer from David Tlale's Legit range a long time ago and I haven't worn it since but what's better. The back is really great because it has to slits.
Don't think I'm so cool for styling my scarf into a turban. My hair is a ratchet mess and I was too busy (read: lazy) to get up and get it done.

Hotter than wasabi,
xx Khenzo

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Really, B, Really?

Ah, a pretty picture to distract you and draw you in! Don't you just love Rihanna as a blond and a ginger? Also, that girl has the perfect bone structure for a pixie cut. Just saying.

Don't mess the kicks.

I'm in a bit of a rant mood which is partly horrible because I should be doing homework but I got distracted by Instagram and Zahrah Perry's blog (which I discovered today); The Perry Book and if you saw it you'd toss all your work to the side too.

Anyway, I just had a long conversation with one of my friends about teenage girls who seem to have nothing going on in their lives but their boyfriends. You know this girl/these girls. The ones who always seem to pull significant others from their cotton covered crotches and/or meth-lab-boyfriend-making laboratories. There's at least one in every school.
OK, I'm still pretty young and quite socially awkward (ask anyone) despite my grace, charm and charisma (read: clumsiness, amusing observations and ability to inhale hot wings from Chicken Licken at a disgusting rate) so I probably don't have the greatest experience with teenage boys--and why would I want to? They bathe in Axe body spray, dress like idiots (will that horrific skinny jeans and square framed "nerd" glasses end?) and always act like they've never had any home training.

So you can understand my frustration towards girls who have to come think that they need guys in their lives. That at fifteen/sixteen they can't be alone. Or that they're not somebody unless their with somebody. Really, bitch, really?
I'm not against dating in high school. I think it's an important part of life and growing up but don't let it consume you. Don't spend your English and History periods dreaming about finding The One because as Samantha from Sex and the City once said: "Listen to me, the right guy is an illusion. Start living your lives."

High school girls are so ready to believe they're in love and that that's all that matters. "Because all you need is love."
Um, no!
You need water.
You need an education.
You need oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and whatever else is in the atmosphere (I don't take Physics anymore so that's not my concern).
You need to eat.
You need to get a job.
You do not need to spend your time dependent on someone else. I've always been told by my parents that you should only worry about love once you've sorted yourself out. Go to school, find what you want to do, figure your shit out and then worry about someone else.

Khenzo xx
I tend to use a lot of itallics when I'm mad. Or dramatic. Or happy. Or, you know, all the time. C'est la vie, mon ami. Je suis tres 'cray'.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Obsessed: Flavia D.

I don't know what it is about Brazil and producing beautiful, lean and flaxen haired vixens. I mean, seriously! If I had to spend a day among the Brazilians I would faint with envy and then go into a fit of jealous rage that end up with me in a coma.
I discovered Flavia on Lookbook a while ago and I've been obsessed with her ever since. She has a very flirty, romantic style and wears lots of girly things like ruffles, layers, lace, pinks and bows. She also has a gift for mixing patterns and finding very beautiful items. I'm ever so tempted to take my stalking to the next level via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are her more romantic looks (also, her stems are amazing!):
This is a really pretty girly look with cute, masculine accents like the hat (is that a fedora or a trilby), the boy tie and the cut of her sheer shirt.

She reminds me of a fabulous Italian socialite (because this what the Italians do best: vivaciousness and accentuating what they've got in a very tasteful manner), hopping around Florence, buying vintage handbags and looking thoughtfully upon ancient artworks at museums.

I love how her vest and skirt are of similar materials but she's broken them up by wearing them in different colours.

She has a real flair for hats. And I love her socks and her handbag. Puh-retty! 
 Flavia doing her thing with prints:
Exclusive penthouse party anyone?

This is very on trend: houndstooth and stripes!

I don't know where she's going and what's she's doing but I'd like to follow her.

I love the shorts-suit. I think it's a really cute way to dress up shorts or take all the stuffiness out of wearing long trousers or a pencil skirt. And having matching prints makes it even better.

Images from Lookbook and Fashion Coolture

 Oh, Tennessee Whiskey never looked so good
xx Khenzo xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Why Live to Fly When You Can Live to Soar?

I la-la-love LEGiT. They have really cute, eclectic clothes and well-made shoes and always chose the hottest "it girls" to be their ambassadors. From Bonang (who probably had one of the best selling lines to date), to Minnie Dhlamini, to their FABULOUS David Tlale line (seriously, I spent almost every afternoon there looking at all the pieces) and now it's Toya DeLazy.
I've seen some of the pieces in the range and they're really great. It's lots of gold and black, feminine pieces jazzed up by tough girl accents like spikes, studs, leather, chains and crucifix and camoflauge prints. It's also very on trend with the season's hottest colour; ox blood, statement jackets, metallic and '90s grunge.
I give it my stamp of approval. Not that anyone cares or anything.

I'm not the biggest fan of caps--well, snapbacks--but I'd actually buy the leather snapback. And those sunglasses? Pretty!

Oh, those sunglasses make a repeat appearance! The tights are real pretty and I would wear them everyday.

Ah, studs, studs, studs and, oh wait, more studs! When I saw this skirt in store it was pretty underwhelming but paired with the belt--c'est magnifique!

What an adorable jersey? And that knapsack bag is so on my list! I don't care too much for Legit's obsession for poking holes in perfectly good shoes though.

I bought a pair of spiked gold and black court heels yesterday--love them!
Hand over that girl's boom box (photo one) and a limitless credit card so I can buy up the whole range.
Khenzo xx
Photo credit: LEGiT

[Outfit Post] This Kiss is Something I Can't Miss

Oh, lookie here. My first look post as a fifteen year old girl. And I've finally worn my Rubi Shoes sandal heels out! I bought them, like, forever ago and there hasn't seemed to an appropriate time or place to wear them. But today the light shone upon me--well, my bedroom light since it's been gloomy and overcast, bringing out the nostalgic depro in everyone on Twitter.
I obviously couldn't brave that kind of emotional weather all bare leg so I paired them with a pair of purple tights. Unfortunately everything I seemed to pick up off the floor--none of my clothes ever really stay in the cupboard for more than ten minutes--was all Mr. Price.
By some weird accident I was prepared to leave the house in all red--one of my absolute favourite colours but certain family members gave me gravy about being so monochromatic. One-tone-Khenzo!

But how adorable is the print on this blouse? Mwah, mwah, lovely!

Khenzo xx
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