Saturday, 31 August 2013

[Outfit Post] Careless Con and a Crazy Liar

{ Waterfall Cardigan: Mr Price | Crop Top: Cotton On | Skater Skirt: Mr Price | Creepers: LEGiT | Lipstick: L.A. Colours; Black Velvet | Bangle: Truworths }

So I kind of understand why most American schools don't have uniforms: life's so much better. We went into school this morning for an extra Maths lesson and there's something so comforting about finding midpoints when you're in your favourite creepers and have Black Velvet slathered all over your lips.

But I'm pretty sure that I would die if I had to pick out an outfit everyday.

After the lesson, we went to Mugg & Bean at Woodmead Value Mart, laughed, stuffed our faces, looked for dresses and shoes for the Spring Ball. My heart bled three times today when I found the perfect turquoise (or is it mint?) net dress with a plunging neckline and Oriental pattern on the bottom that pretty much made me want dance all night long (all night long) and the dress was so, so expensive.
You know how sometimes you find a really, like, really fantastic pair of shoes or a really cute moleskin diary and you know, oh, you know that your life will be infinitely better after it's yours. Your teeth will be whiter, your hair bouncier, the stars brighter and the the skies clearer. That was how I felt about this dress. And it looked so good with my black lipstick:
This beaut was discovered at a nameless boutique next to Mugg & Bean. Why can't it be mine? (Oh, my god, everytime I've said that in my head I heard Emma Roberts as Addie Singer singing, 'You will never love me and this I can't forgive,' I finally understand her pain.

Luckily, not all was lost. My dad suggested I go to Rosebank instead and even though I find The Zone seriously crust (I don't trust any mall that doesn't have a Mr Price, Cotton On or LEGiT) I went and, oh my god, best decision ever. I found the perfect outfit for Spring Ball and I can't wait until Friday, 13 September to wow the world and kill mo'fos with my killer style.

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram
From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram
From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

Khenzo xx

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Friday, 30 August 2013

[Outfit Post] Let's Get Out of This Town, Baby, We're On Fire

"Puberty is everyone's first experience with a sentient madness." -- Adam Phillips
black lipstick, glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, sun dresses, mr price, factorie jelly sandals, jelly sandals knee socks, sling bag, pixie cut, rookie
Top: Mr Price | Dress (worn as skirt - how clever am I?): Mr Price | Sling bag: Mr Price, basically it's an open love letter to my Mr Price years | Knee socks: Clicks | Jelly Sandals: Factorie | Large Coke: McDonald's
I can't exactly put my finger on what it is about black lipstick (the name of mine gives of so much pretentious sophistication, Black Velvet) that makes me feel like I need to use lots of napkins and collect every straw I use or leave kisses on love notes and my friends' cheeks - which they probably wouldn't appreciate.

I'm going to need you to put your socks on because I'm about to lay down a knowledge bomb on you: every fashion publication (well, the mainstream ones like Marie Claire and Seventeen*) will tell you that everyone should have a good quality red lipsticks, it'll stay with you forever and works for every occasion. Um, how about no?
It's black lipstick now and forever. [Hopefully you've seen and hated Springbreakers, or the theatrical trailer at the very least, because then you'll understand what I'm about to add:] (That reminds me of Springbreakers when James Franco as creepy, gun blowing, dirty white boy man says, 'Springbreey-k fuh-eva.')**

Though I'm pretty sure my parents will now be definitely convinced I'm turning to witch craft or whatever kids are into these days. Who could blame them? What with the shrine I'm building to Lana Del Rey, my constant muttering of lyrics from the Tyler, the Creator album; Bastard and my need to match my socks to my top (which, if you think about it, everyone should do) and belts to my shoes to my bag (because 2006 had it right except for all that sandals nonsense).
C'est la bonne vie, bien.

rookie, glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, jelly sandals, black lipstick, knee socks, dress as skirtglitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, sa style blog, top sa blog, knee socks, jelly sandals, black lipstick

Also, I'd really like to push the idea that we all spend the next two months inside, sucking up as much coolness as we can before November unleashes its humid, failing deodorant, sliding makeup, balmy dragon breath upon us. Because November sucks and the heat sucks and I've probably said different last month but I don't want the heat. I just don't.
But I wanna stay in the kitchen.

Actually, no. I wanna spend every day like it was Friday night: in McDonald's, enjoying the comforting smell of McFries and Oreo McFlurries while dipping McNuggets in Sweet 'n' Sour sauce with mah guurlll, making up the sickest (like, sickest) rhymes and laughing at Miley Cyrus VMA memes. That is la bonne vie.
But then the memes would cease to excist, we'd get irritated of the hot oil and noisy kitchen staff, the nuggets would get us fat and mah guuurrrl would get called out in a Kendrick Lamar verse and then that will be life in its truest form: suck with a side of so hard.

glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, sun dress, dress as skirt, mr price, top sa fashion blog

Khenzo xx

*I'd like to add that even though I called them mainstream (which is, like, the worst word ever), I don't mind Seventeen or Marie Claire much. Actually, I've never read a Marie Claire and I used to adore every single page of Seventeen but I've pretty much outgrown the same 'How to Text Your Crush' advice and 'Flatter Your Curves' pictorials. Like, Seventeen in March 2010 is no different than Seventeen in August 2012.
**So I know that's a really terrible, terrible use of brackets and square brackets but I don't really know the rules of square brackets and the Internet, OK? I'm just trying to get people to wear black lipstick, man.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

[Outfit Post] Keep It 300 Like the Romans

tumblr playlist, top 40, bruno mars, glitter daiquiri, doodle, handwritten playlist

It's pretty much taken all the self control and all the will power I (don't) have to not go on and on about the upcoming, wait for it, wait for it, Spring Ball at school. I can't even begin to describe how much I love high school dances - despite the fact that I've never been to one. When I went to Girls' High, I'd been resigned to have to wait until grade eleven for Valentine's Ball and the Matric Dance in grade twelve - I'm sorry but that's a lot of waiting. Especially considering the fact that I've been doodling dresses and hairstyles since grade four.
I grew up on all the corny chick flicks and romantic comedies where everything magical would at the prom/formal/dance. You'd arrive in the most jaw droppingly beautiful dress (sort of like Pretty In Pink, but I didn't care much for the dress), then you'd have that perfect dance with the Romeo (like Sam did with Austin in A Cinderella Story), really great music would play and, of course, the girl we've loved all along will win prom queen (Mean Girls).

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

I found my sister's matric dance dress today and I thought, why not? Despite the fact that my sister and I are almost the same height now she was a little bit longer than me then so the dress scrunches up in the back but it's pretty decent-looking. I didn't like it at the time but I am amazed at how before-her-time my sister was when she chose the high-low hem in, get this, 2009.

glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, mens blazer, boyfriend blazer, matric dance dress, formal gown, evening wear, creeperskhensani mohlatlole, glitter daiquiri, boyfriend blazer, dad's blazer, matric dance dress, prom, formal, creepers

I also really love it when small girls wear giant mens' blazers with their cutesy, itsy bitsy cocktail dresses or whatever. It just makes me think of that part in movies when beautiful boys like Chad Michael Murray and Will Smith give the girl (who is not me, why!) their jacket and the angles sing and a Mandy Moore song goes off in my head and the world is right
Because she's wearing a boyfriend blazer! But not like all your favourite fashionistas who go buy ladies' blazers tailored and cut to look like mens', no, this is the boyfriend blazer. What all the hippest girls in past decades cool enough to have boyfriends with nice stuff and be able to look good in a paper bag.
I am neither of those things which is why I love it.

I found some things in my note pads that I'd done in class with my favourite gel ink pens (because they make everything better - fact of life: you're more likely to pass a test if you write it in gel ink... and if you study but that's debatable) and I feel like they need to be shared:
glitter daiquiri, sirens, vixens, songs about girls, songs about jane, lana del rey, bruno mars, amy winehouse, chuck berry, the police, valerie, lolita, natalie bruno mars, roxanne
A playlist I compiled because I was feeling a little saucy. It's just my favourite songs about girls (which is also the name of's only "good" solo album). If you don't know, I'll have to inform you that I think Lana Del Rey is a goddess.
dimepiece, tumblr playlist, glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, lana del rey, gorilla bruno mars, bound 2 kanye, yeezus, magna carter holy grail, fuckwithmeyouknowigotit, material girl, doodles, handwritten playlist
I originally started this as the cover for a mixed CD I was going to make for my friend but, I don't know, I think I'll do something else for her. So there's a lot of Kanye, Lana, Bruno and Jay. Notice that Natalie and Lolita are on both lists; they/'re so McMuffin amazing.

glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, doodles, art, drawing, handwritten, tumblr girl, kanye lyrics, one republic, ying yang

And other stuff...
teen angst, teen poetry, glitter daiquiri, khensani mohlatlole, love poem, welcome to heartbreak, coldest winter, yeezus, fashion blog

Anyway, I've got a History essay to perfect - in gel ink, no less
Khenzo xx 

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Style Crush: The Parent Trap

the parent trap, parent trap tumblr, glitter daiquiri

This post won't be able to do the style in The Parent Trap (my all time favourite movie forever and ever) justice because all Tumblr and the rest of the Internet cares about is showing me screen caps of Annie and Hallie pissed because Meredith's coming camping with them and Liz's a smart one too. Oh, and let's not forget all the gifs of the famous handshake (which I used to do all the time with my sister and her friends because we kept it 300 like the Romans).

I'm your typical millennial in most some ways like that my parents are divorced and I have a growing itch for '90s things and Disney movies with sweet endings. The Parent Trap is all that and a bag of chips. A freckly pair of ginger twins, Lindsay Lohan before 2006 (think Freaky Friday, Herbie Reloaded, Lifesize and, the holy grail of teen movies, Mean Girls) a wedding dress designer mom (her final wedding dress is my dream gown if I were to ever be able to trick someone into marrying me), California Cool Kalifornia Kool (but with a K) meets London Class, a beautiful, beautiful score (L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, This Will Be by Natalie Cole -- who I was actually named after, my second name at least), summer and camp, and the combination of the two-- the most beautiful convention known to film, reunited love and they have a butler!

the parent trap, the parent trap tumblr, glitter daiquiri, parent trap style, 1998

the parent trap poster, parent trap style, glitter daiquiri, 1998

the parent trap, annie and hallie, glitter daiquiri, parent trap style, 1998

the parent trap, hallie and annie, 1998, glitter daiquirithe parent trap 1998, glitter daiquiri, parent trap 1998 style

the parent trap, summer camp, hallie and annie, 1998, glitter daiquiri

the parent trap, parent trap handshake, 1998, glitter daiquiri, annie james

the parent trap, disney wedding, glitter daiquiri, 1998, lindsay lohan

the parent trap, parent trap gif, i have class and you dont, glitter daiquiri, 1998

the parent trap, parent trap 1998, parent trap poster

In the age of hipsters and millennials who pretty much swim in oceans of hyperbole, please understand the oozing sincerity and truth in this: I could watch this movie every day until the day I die.

 Khenzo xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

[Outfit Post] You Supposed to Drown

ethnic beauty, turban swagger, round sunglasses, how to turban, glitter daiquiri, bound 2 yeezus kanye west, joy of jazz 2013, joy of jazz newtown

When a real nigga hold you down, you supposed to drown...
I know you're tired of loving, of loving/ With nobody to love, nobody, nobody/ Just grab somebody, no leaving this party/ With nobody to love, nobody, nobody.
--Bound 2, last track on Yeezus

joy of jazz newtown 2013, turban, african fashion, glitter daiquiri, court shoes, free2bu, mini skirt, round sunglassesturban, how to turban, glitter daiquiri, sass diva, elle south africa, joy of jazz newtown 2013

{ Top: Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival in Newtown | Skirt: Free 2BU at Edgars | Shoes: Diva at Zando | Turban: FENDI scarf (probably fake, I don't know, it's not really mine) | Sunglasses: December 2012 issue of Elle with Mila Kunis on the cover (eep) | Rings and wrist stuff: Sass Diva, LEGiT and Jay Jays | Trampy red lips: L.A. Colors in Matte Berry Ice }

Recently I've been increasingly aware of change and growth around me and from me and I've needed to discuss it quite a bit, rather incoherently I might add. I think that age and my mortality is becoming a bigger presence in my every day life.

I've also grown aware of time. Rather how much time goes by and how little time I have left. Whether it be when I'm procrastinating doing a history presentation (that's due Tuesday, get it together Khensani) or just the way the hours lag on a Thursday at school or how I've been taking Saturdays for granted, laying around, watching bad TV, looking at blogs, taking naps. Not, you know, taking advantage of what I have now. I'm not trying to be a better person or do something meaningful-ish like read or draw or make memories with my friends.

That's another thing: "Whoever invented friendship was a genius, man."
There's nothing more magical and beautiful then finding another person who understands you, someone who looks at things the way you do or draws some of the same conclusions as you or thinks that flannel pajamas are so hot. Finding people like that makes you feel a little less crazy and volatile, you realise that you're not a lone soul wandering around on this Earth, looking at everything from the outside.
Suddenly you're on the inside, you understand the punchlines to all the jokes and you're allowed to laugh without feeling like someone is gonna turn around and tell you to kill yourself because that wasn't meant for you.

It's freeing.

Man, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have those people. People who'll make 'booty had me like' memes and rage with me over the percentage of the teenage male population that are so mind numbingly, heart crushingly, nature defyingly stupid (so, like, all of them) and remind me when I'm being crazy and I need to take hold of the reigns.

My day ones, my ride or dies, my forever bitches.

Khenzo xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

[Wishlist] Thinking of Spring

september wishlist, glitter daiquiri, topshop,,, celine purse, nike free runs, disco pants, statement tees, turkey, shoping in istanbul

Every morning I wake up to see the countdown on my surfing-themed calendar (don't ask but just know that Walton's is no Cotton On) to the beginning of the September long-weekend-posing-as-a-holiday when I'll get to go to Istanbul (as in Turkey, yo) and do what the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, Blair Waldorf, Naomi Clark were born to do: shop.
And shop hard. Those clothing racks are gonna feel so violated when I'm done with them.
We've been saving up since last year for this trip where, by the by, in Turkey everything is a lot, a lot cheaper. And because I don't want to fall to the Oh-My-God-I-Want-Everything Syndrome where I end up buying a ton of shit I don't need; I've been constructing wish lists with the help of Polywhore.
I can't wait to get a hold of some graphic pencil skirts and OH MY GOD, I'm prepared to slay someone for some Nike Free Runs and how long have I been lusting over platform sneakers a la Spice Girls? And three syllables:
I'm not really a sandal person because I've got that thing about toes and shoes have to be pretty exceptional for me to break out the digits. But it does get really hot in the summer (like, surface of the sun in the middle of February without any air-conditioning hot) and I guess it's kinda, sorta, maybe unreasonable to think that my knee-high riding boots are trans-seasonal even though they should be. But, aha, a wonderful compromise has been made in the form of jelly sandals.
Not only do these remind me of the tiny little shoes my mom used to force me to wear every time I stepped outside, they also mean I get to display all of my tubular socks.
Haha, tubular.
Who writes this stuff?
I'm a bit deranged and I've typed 'I', like, three hundred and seventy-nine times. That's what happens when you have an influenza/the plague hybrid.
Oh, well.
Excuse me while I go die.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Last Night A Blogger Saved My Life

instagram that ho, glitter daiquiri, top sa fashion blog, african style blog, lucky contributor, teen fashion blog, top sa blog, south african fashion blogs, johannesburg fashion
[Be warned: this article (ooh, that sounds snooty and smart - everything this is not) contains a very not "cute, boo boo" amount of teen angst, an over-zealous addition  of shut-up-you're-not-my-real-dad type brat-iness and, of course, two cups of old-people-are-dumb-and-know-next-to-nothing-because-they-weren't-'touched'-by-the-knowledge-fairy-since-before-the-dinosaurs teenage sense self-important. Alas, what can you do? Life's so sweet when you're Generation Y (the hell not, man!), hear us roar - but we have to check our Tumblr first so maybe later.]

When I'm not loathing hipsters, admiring photos of beautiful shoes, taking ugly selfies to share with my closest friends on SnapChat (because those are the new BFF bracelets which were the new - uh, how did people claim and show off best friendship before the '90s?), going to {groan, sniffle, cry of pain} school and contemplating whether I'd look good in a snot green velvet jumpsuit (sadly, I would not) my time is consumed by my love, the light of lungs, fire of my heart; my personal style blog.
And, I know, I know, with all that SnapChatting, harassing hipsters in my imagination or thinking about ugly jumpsuits, how do I ever find the time for blogging?

I'm, like, every woman, yo. (Iiiiiiiiii'm evereee woman, it's all in meee...)

It's common knowledge that writing is therapeutic and fashion is the world's second best drug, Oreos being first. I don't know how I didn't know about this amazing online community of well-dressed, clever, polite people who shared their outfits, opinions, inspirations and the sort for so long still bewilders me to this very day.

Whatever was I doing before I stumbled upon Internet treasures like Song of Style, The Man Repeller, London's Closet, Superficial Girls and, the one that started it all, Fashion Breed?
I'll tell you: do that terrifically obvious existing thing when I could have been pulling Tavi Gevinsons and L I V I N G la dulce vita.

(Or, more likely, la low-fat dulce vita because I have the dentist survival stories - er, I mean childhood memories of mean teeth doctors riding my male genitalia about eating too many sweets.)

At some point in high school, everyone needs to have a thing. You know, their thing, their niche, their piece de la resistance (I'm probably using that wrong but that's where that knowledge fairy thing comes in). Like how Prepina McPrepster has her Public Speaking accolades or Limba O'Flexible is this fantastic dancer or how William Mackintosh is the best with computers (yes, the first two were Irish - I like it like that, yo).
Everyone has that thing. And March last year I had nothing. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with my life either. Sure, being a type A, model student who is nothing but the prodigal daughter sounds great (for my mom) or growing up to become a high paid advocate is amazing (for my dad) none of those things really spoke to me. Even though they were being force fed to me by the 'apparent' silver spoon my parents bent over backwards to give me (which, don't get me wrong, they did) but it wasn't me.

I wasn't making my own decisions. I didn't have a thing. I didn't have an identity. 

Then a Glamour magazine landed in my lap, I saw an article about South African fashion bloggers and the lighting changed, the sky cleared up,  Lana Del Rey swooned in the background and my obsessive compulsive need to shop finally had a purpose: I was going to be one of them!

Perhaps it's superficial that I'm so deeply moved by clothing and shoes and prancing around in my favourite clothes for the Internet to see but perhaps you don't see the light. The fashion/style blogger community is the nicest and most-welcoming community I've ever found, especially in a world of Internet trolls and cyber bullies. I finally had my own place to be sincerely me.

And insert gigantic, High School Musical-esque song and dance number here about how I am finally meeeeeee!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

[Sunday Post] Strange Fruit Hangin' from the Poplar Tree

trampoline, dark girls are hot, hot black girls, pretty black girls, ethnic, south africa, midrand, girls trampoline, 2011

I'm taking a moment to actually really think about what's changed since this photo was taken. It's really weird that the (much thinner) girl on the left in this photo isn't even recognisable to the girl I see in the mirror every morning when I flex Johnny Bravo style.
Like, yo, that was two years ago.
And so, so much has changed since then. And I'm not just talking about my cellphone plan or my choice in lotion and moisturiser. I'm talking about extreme paradigm shifts. The fact that I even know how to spell paradigm is a complete paradigm shift.

Lately, I've been taking some serious glances at my life and where it is now and where I want it to be. This is, of course, the ever-so-fantastic time when I have to consider the future as an option and realise that the world isn't my friend. The world is the chocolate filled Oreos I so despise.
All this thinking and looking and contemplating has made me wonder how much I've changed and whether it has been a good thing?

Two years ago I was concerned with some Level 10 Superficial stuff (where as now it's Level 6 - moving on up, baby). Two years ago I needed to have all the right friends, go to all the coolest parties, have boys blow up my phone like I was Ke$ha, tell the funniest jokes and wear all the right clothes because I 'deserved' the high school experience.
The high school experience is a farce. Well, what it's made out to be in film and television (cough, 90210, Mean Girls, Clueless, She's All That, cough). People have classes and everyday can't be interesting and filled with drama and dilemma and teen angst. All those relationships and boys and days at a smoothie joint can't happen. This is the real world, yo'. And not that Level 9 Basic MTV reality show.

Lizzie McGuire, gordo, miranda, individual, hey dawg, what's the dealio, 2004, hilary duff

Oh, Gordo, you individual. Miranda, you typical white girl. Lizzie McGuire - best show ever.

Khenzo xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Style Crush: Naomi Clark and Annie Wilson

90210 style, fashion of 90210

I remember, back in '08, when 90210 was some drama show that play on Thursday nights on M-Net just before Desperate Housewives (my obsession with a capital obsesh) and was all over every Seventeen magazine and school homework diary but I didn't care much for what another teen drama could offer - I had Gossip Girl since '07, 'mkay?
But then I was somehow convinced to watch it (note: 2008 me was such a push over) and it was the best decision I could have ever made. And for the next five years that it would play on M-Net, Vuzu and M-Net Series I fell head over heels, mind over matter, completely and utterly, mind-blowling, slightly annoyingly in the love.
And, of course, great loves have to end because the CW and the rest of those Hollywood losers don't know how to keep a good thing going but, deep breath, I'm going to have to put my anger aside even though, just like Gossip Girl, they led us on for five freakin' seasons and gave us a couple of stinky side-dish episodes they decided to call season six.

90210, baby shower, naomi clark
Remember when Annie's hair  was still that hideous shade of just-plucked-from-the-farm?
What happened to the time when shows would end with a bang? Huh? When they were granted some dignity and got to end on their own terms, in a way that comforted and acknowledged the viewer and the characters?
Remember how Dawson's Creek ended? Beverly Hills, 90210? Desperate Housewives? That was premium entertainment.
But enough of that, this all a story for another time. I shouldn't get into all the lose ends and cheap shot endings that were chosen right now because I WILL NEVER STOP.

fashion of 90210, funeral fashion, annalynne mccord

Let's celebrate the six seasons of great style 90210 gave us. Especially in the form of we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore Annie Wilson and what-kind-of-place-doesn't-have-valet-parking Naomi Clark.

annalynne mccord, shenae grimes, 90210 girls
90210 season six, naomi wedding dress
annalynne mccord, fashion of 90210, 90210 style, naomi clark
90210 ivy, fashion of 90210, 90210 street style, annie wilson, shane grimes

shenae grimes style, fashion of 90210, annie wilson style
grunge fashion, 90210 style, fashion of 90210, annie wilson
shenae grimes, fashion of 90210, 90210 style, annie wilson

annalynne mccord, fashion of 90210 naomi clark, naomi clark style
california girl, 90210 season six, fashion of 90210, annalynne mccord

Oh, 90210, I will miss you. You were the last of a dying breed - good teen dramas with great storylines, fabulous clothes and hot lead actors.

90210, 90210 season six, best of 90210, annalynne mccord
Khenzo xx

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