Monday, 30 December 2013

[Outfit Post] I Got Big Deals And I Got Little Things

Insert asshole statement: oldie but a goodie. I wore this a couple of days before I left for Mozambique.
Anyway, a few things:

A List of Go Away Options:
1. Take a trip east and come back a week later, boasting about all the culture you absorbed and how zen you've become.
2. Fly out west and spend two weeks washing sea salt from your hair when you get back. Support Eco-terrorists and quit red meat.
3. Road trip north with your best friend's family. Kiss as many foregin boys as you can and don't apologise. Blush when people back home ask about your new piercings.
4. Sneak into South Beach clubs and chain smoke herbal cigarettes. Read War & Peace and wear your hair in braids. Lose yourself in reggae.
5. Get a hotel room in cash. Invite people over and never leave for anything but balloons and confetti. Laugh about it later in artsy cafes.

Holiday Playlist:
1) songs that make me wish you were here
2) songs that make me wish you were dead
3) songs that make me wish I was dead
Shit I've Tweeted (which I obviously think is really clever):

  • one day the portraits of those love sick 'fools' will become a series of mirrors and you won't even realise
  • give up on nutrition, never charge your phone and get high as a kite
  • because one day you will play those songs again and you'll realise they're just sweet melodies and not anthems for your broken soul
  • my skies are clouded and stars never come out. but you would never know, you're all the way down on Earth
  • her lies weren't nearly as filthy as her vagina
  • if you're ultimate goal in life is to be happy, you're going to end up miserable.
  • hot guys don't rob you of anything but your will to continue breathing without them
  • i'm just a boiling pot of frustration. i'm tired of ignorant people always getting in my way..
  • jhene aiko is so good for the soul.

Happy New Year, kids
Khenzo x

Sunday, 29 December 2013

[Travel] Mozambique Was Good to Us

On my final day in Bilene, Mozambique all I hoped was that I'd remember the trip forever even if it meant I would over-romanticize it and imagine things that weren't there of didn't really happen. Actually, I hope I do. Because even though the food service was slow, the sun beat down everyday (my face is literally the colour of dirt right now), the boarder gates hot, uncomfortable, smelly and my hands constantly smelt like prawns (don't ask), it was the best trip of my life.
I hate to perpetuate the stereotype of little girls finding themselves in Africa, especially after heartbreak (all true in my face) but I didn't so much find myself as I just remembered who I was. If that even makes sense.

I highly suggest that everyone visit Mozambique and I also recommend that you fly there because we spent fifteen hours - day and night - in the belly of our vehicle and, oh, we did not come out the same (little Warsan Shire reference there, ten points if you caught that).

All I did everyday for six days was swim, read, write, swim, eat and, like, be. It was paradise being able to sleep and dream again, like the person I once was, not the insomniac robot obsessed with the opinions of others and how many calories were in a loaf of naan (a lot, by the way).

Saturday, 21 December 2013

[Outfit Post] The Vapors

twist outs high waist jeans
afro chic tumblr girl
I put my braids up in these, what we'll call, dreadlocks to avoid any of them falling (I am approaching the three month mark here) and now I feel like I've become one of those eclectic, thrifty ethnic Tumblr girls who own vintage FUBU and hang out in Maboneng at restaurants with punny names.
And I'm wearing one of my mom's tanks from the olden days (the 90s) and I fashioned my leather arm band as a choker, so I'm already halfway there.

Now all I have to do is listen to Ab-Soul, talk about the lack of representation of women of colour in the fashion industry (which we probably should be doing already) and be team-natural-hair-but-you-can't-touch-my-natural-hair-did-I-mention-my-hair-is-natural-team-natural-baby. Looking pissy is also a reallu important aspect to the Tumblr girl dream.
tiny waist
cake by the pound

Necessity is the mother of convention, Jhene Aiko is great for the soul and I don't know, I'm just saying some great shit because all I do is listen to Jhene Aiko and all my artwork has been inspired by her and Picasso's blue period.
I don't want to say that I'm sad or anything, god, that's work but I don't want to patronise myself and reduce it to just teenage-y things because I hate it when people do that. Your age doesn't make how you feel any less important. I think at this stage in life, adolescence, your forever, is probably the only time you ever truly feel things, you know?
Because when you're young you're not plagued by things like taxes and what your mom will think (well, I guess you still sort of kind of care because she's the one who allows you to buy all those Jhene Aiko songs) and how happy you are to not be so young and dependent and pathetic anymore. You just feel how feel. You cry in the bath tub and you spend English II falling apart in hysterics, you get stoned and proclaim your love for everyone because you're really not as moody as you'd like everyone to believe(don't do drugs, kids) and when someone breaks your heart, you feel it just as strongly (or even more) as a 40 year old woman whose lost everything.

"I'm young, my heart can take it."

I'm leaving for Mozambique today (six hour roadtrip - wish me luck)

Monday, 16 December 2013

[Outfit Post] Radio Tell Me Speed It Up, I Just Go Slower

crop top skater skirt platform sneakershipster uniform
 I usually try to keep my less-to-do-with-clothes opinions off the blog, well, kind of - I'm at a stage where I'm not too sure if I want this space to be dedicated soley to my sartorial ventures but I digress.
I have a bit of a rant I need to get off of my chest.
box braids skater skirtblackfashion
 When I wore this outfit, which is pretty much conservative hipster uniform (skater skirts, crop tops - the usual Tumblr love affair), I received what will be the last of (for lack of a better term) backlash from some very close minded people. Usually I don't let the opinions of bigots keep me up at night because I have better things to do and I know there's a special place downstairs reserved for them.
But, boy, am I tired of having to constantly defend personal decisions that affect me and me alone.

Part of the reason I haven't been blogging all that much is because everything I've been wearing recently is a very watered down version of what is not my personal style. And I'm afraid to post these outfits because they're not in any way Khensani. They're outfits I've chosen because they're easy. Because no one can have a problem with jeans and a tank top or that guys will give me the right attention when I'm in a tight skirt and heels.
It's like I'm living a lie. I guess that might be pretty dramatic  ("because it's just clothing!") but the fact remains is that it is not in any way OK. Part of the reason I started this blog was because I've witnessed so many beautiful individuals find themselves and enjoy the comfort of their own skin and expressing themselves in the best way they could.

I'm tired of explaining why I don't wear a bra (but thanks for asking because it has everything to do with you)
I'm tired of having to defend my views on religion (I'm sorry I've threatened everything you believe "so strongly" in because I have a different perspective)
I'm tired of being told that I'm being too sensitive to racial jokes ("but, come on, black guys are kind of crusty")
I'm tired of defining feminism (no, it is not just man hating, short hair and burning bras) and affirming that women have never been equal to men
I'm tired of brushing of comments about my blue lipstick (why, yes, actually, I am Satan) or my platform sneakers

I'm tired of playing poor little rich girl because people are obliged to resent the success of other people
I'm tired of being labelled a prude because I'm not ready for sex
I'm tired of being labelled a ho because I feel comfortable in crop tops and short skirts
I'm tired of skipping meals because no one really likes fat girls - sorry, I meant thick
Really, I'm more than tired. I'm sick of it.
I'm a boiling pot of frustration and my eyes are constantly stinging with hot seas ready to drown villages
My bed hasn't been slept in because I can't close my eyes without second guessing every decision I want to make

And I can't keep quiet, I can't sit idly by, I can't just be seen and not heard like a good little girl
I can't pretend that I feel comfortable in tight skirts and the ladylike pumps everyone else has
I can't watch a 2 Chainz music video and think that objectifying women is OK in the sake of a good jam
I can't laugh about Guy 3's tight pants and know it's all right because "he's such a fag"

I've just had it up to here. I just want to be done with it all.

End of rant. Man, that felt good. Anyway, Beyonce's new album will comfort me on these humid summer nights.

teenage angst
How crazy trippy are the colours here? And this is not the result of a bunch of editing either. And I am the queen of looking pissed.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

[Outfit Post] Take It Outside

the strokes t-shirt floral pants
jelly shoes box braids
 Top: thrift store in Istanbul (Osmonbey) | Jumpsuit (worn as cooly pants): Mr Price (kids) | Jelly shoes: Cotton On (the ones from Factorie are ten times better though)
Congratulations to me for going outside and experiencing the sky and the atmosphere and whatever shit I could've just scrolled past on Tumblr. I haven't seen anything other than my laptop screen and the bottom of yoghurt tubs for the past three days and I'm loving it.

But after I've enjoyed the heck out of my chill, I figure I should get around to working on my photography and other bloggy things I've had planned. So I've been spending most of my down time looking at my favourite photographers on Tumblr. The following lovely images are by South African blogger Amy Scheepers.

Khenzo xx

Monday, 9 December 2013

Gaschette's Open Letter to SA Fashion Week

It was such a gift to come across this during my usual bout of stalking South Africa designers. I'm beginning to notice that so called haute couture designers in South Africa are watering down their flair, their spark, their je ne sais quoi so that what's supposed to high fashion is commercial ready. Jessica Lupton words it perfectly. Also, even though this letter was publish two years ago, October 8th, I think it's still pretty relevant especially because (my goddess) Aqeelah Harron mentioned it too when she finally returned (here).

An Open Letter to The SA Fashion Week Team

Thank you for your invitation to attend your Winter Collection 2014 showcase. Obviously, we decided to not attend. Unlike our contemporaries, who seem completely content to simply complain amongst themselves, we have decided to take a stand and withdraw coverage from SA Fashion Week.
As a publication Gaschette Magazine actively encourages and assists in the growth of the South African fashion industry. We do not believe that our geographic location should influence the quality of work we produce. While we understand that constraints are many, we believe that active involvement, encouragement and a spirit of excellence is needed in order to develop work that can compete on an international standard.
With regards to the young designers showcased at SAFW, it is clear that many (but certainly not all) of these designers are inadequately prepared for a Fashion Week platform. There needs to be a progression from a student graduate show to a professional runway show. It is our sincerest feeling that SAFW should be providing these designers with the tools to better their craft – in the form of focussed workshops and funding. The key to a successful fashion industry is nurturing young talent, not sustaining mediocrity.
There is also a now recurring issue with several more established designers. The quality and trend research seem to have all but fallen away, if not ignored completely. While we understand that fabrics and skilled labour are becoming increasingly expensive in the current economic climate, we believe that adequate timelines and proper curation of collections could change the Fashion Week landscape entirely. As mentioned by Marco Riekstins in his article for Man of the Cloth Let’s Have a Chat (Oct 1, 2012), “I can’t speak for the designers as to why a certain collection looks the way it does, but the delivery on the runway could at least be reworked by professional stylists to make it more relevant to fashion today.”
In discussions with more conceptual designers, the issue has come up that beautifully abstract work is often disregarded in favour of more commercial pieces. It is our belief that runway looks are meant to represent the inspiration for a collection – not look like a catalogue. This showcase after all, has not been billed as “Ready to Wear”. After the runway shows, the collections should then be adjusted for a broader market during the production phase for retailers. How are we supposed to build fashion houses if works are consistently watered down? It seems, to us at least, that the production phase is being undercut as a costing exercise – and though we agree that improved market penetration is key to sustainability, we cannot in good conscience editorialise collections so lacking in imagination and fabrication.  
Ticketing and seating are an issue every season. It is frankly confounding how members of the media and buyers are unable to be seated strategically, while a plethora of associated sponsors, students and Joe Soap bachelor parties seem to slip in without a problem. Fashion Week is fabulous and fun yes, but it is ultimately about work and networking. It is not possible for the media to give an adequate report of a show from the rafters and buyers can’t possibly invest in collections from outside the auditorium.
While our team remains committed to its support of the designers and sponsors associated with your platform, we can no longer associate the Gaschette brand with SAFW. Our focus is on developing the South African industry to become a formidable and recognisable player in the international fashion arena, and we feel that SAFW does not currently have them same goal in mind.
We hope that this letter encourages change within your organisation and that it has provided constructive criticism.


Jessica Lupton
Fashion Director
Gaschette Magazine

Sunday, 1 December 2013

[Outfit Post] 305 To My City

south african fashion blog
Floral Cap: Mr Price | BOYS Dress: H&M | Jewellry: Mr Price, Edgars and Jay Jays | Creepers and Denim Vest: somewhere in Istanbul
Your hustle don't go unnoticed, baby.
I've been trying to do the whole appropriately dressed for the occasion thing so, you know, less is more. If you've ever looked at Harajuku street style blogs, you'll notice that all the cool kids are dressed in all of their favourite things. Why should we be restricted by the 'only one pop of colour' rule or that 'statement necklaces, earrings, bangles can't be worn altogether'?
But then again it's more of a challenge to look bang on with only one of your favourite items so I figure I'm going to try to be down for that.
You know, I get it, I get it.
baseball cap trend
h&m boys dress
south african fashion style blog

Also, Nothing Was the Same is the best
Khenzo xx

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