Sunday, 23 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Live From the Purple Matter

mr price floral bomber jacket and mr price black and white striped skater skirt
{ Bomber Jacket - (on sale) Mr Price | Crop Top - Mr Price Sports (worn before here and here) | Striped Skater Skirt: Mr Price (worn before here) | Faux Martens: Zando }

Saturday was a really busy and unnecassarily long day that began with me returning to hipster uniform (and my English teacher made a comment about how cold I was going to get with all the air going up there - she can do better), pretending that I just woke up with a dry curl (I WOKE UP LIKE DIS), getting lost in Roodepoort and then Riviera looking for the Guard the Vintage x Bianca Kim x MOON by Maxine Tromp pop-up shop and then finally landing at my friend Montanna's Sweet Sixteenth which was so beautiful and magical and I want to kick myself for not bring my camera but I don't because I'm doing this thing where I enjoy things instead of spending all my time trying to document them.

The pop-up shop was really weird but good. I discovered some cool online thrift/vintage-y stores that I want to frequent but I really wish I hadn't gone alone. The owners of Guard the Vintage, Bianca Kim and MOON were all young university students doing it all out of their back pockets and stuff which meant it was quite a small and intimate event. I also felt incredibly, like, small around them and was scared to say anything that would come off stupid, condescening, boring and/or ignored. But of course everything I was all of the above.
black girl with permed hair
Getting my hair permed was such a jump. I've never had my hair up in curlers before - my mom's been obsessed with stick straight hair, except she has dreadlocks now so stick-straight hair on me - and I felt like something out of a BET Indie film. Or this one Tic-Tac advert where a trio of foxy mama jammas were sitting in a row, under hood dryers, reading fashion magazines which is basically the epitomy of everything I've ever wanted to be. AND MINTY BREATH as well.
hipster uniform of skater skirt, crop top and doc martens
black and white outfit post against teenager post tumblr
These are just a few of things I'd love from Guard the Vintage:

Things I require from Bianca Kim
high waisted lightening bolt print shortsscreaming lumpy space princess bodysuitHogwarts badge print bodysuit

Jake the Dog print bodysuitDOPE Bra topAztec Celeste Maxi
Look at that! Swim/body suits with Jake the Dog, Lumpy Space Prince and (ooheeemmgeee) Hogwarts! Sometimes Joburg is good to you.

Khenzo xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Hollywood's Infected Your Brain

topshop high waisted jeans and faux dr. martens
I don't even know what my weekends are anymore now that I have AP English on Saturday mornings which means no going out on Fridays which could possibly mean no going out ever because I have so much art homework all the time (and maths to study for because I'm really pushing for all As this year) and then there's pilates on Sunday mornings (ohmyyygod, don't go there) and all my friends wanna kick until the AMs and I just can't anymore, guys, I'm sorrryyyy.
- OK, crisis over. -

Anyway, I think I'm going to dedicate a piggy bank to save money to buy more of these beautifully cut and shaped Topshop Joni jeans. They are the epitomy of everything blue jeans have ever been said/sold to be but better. What sucks, though, is that I've lost a teensy bit of weight (which is usually a whoohoo) but now they're folding and getting a little saggy and it hurts because I'll never find another love like this.
mr price silver ear cuff with chain
topshop joni jeans are the best
outfit of the day featuring mr price ear chain and dr. martens
Last Thursday we went on a trip to the CBD to visit the Standard Bank Gallery and the Goodman Gallery to see and be assimilated by Walter Oltmann and Gabrielle Goliath. They're both such amazing artists and it was all parts chilling, inspiring and just plain amazing to see their works. Right now they're in my top five South African artists and I can't wait to see more of Gabriel Goliath's work.
I should be writing an A++ review on them right now for tomorrow but instead I'm playing around with my MS Paint, sitting in front of the fan, watching 7th Heaven reruns and praying for some cheese sandwiches and juice.
the goodman gallery the buck stops here sign
painting by walter oltmann and the standard bank gallery johannesburg
wire installation by walter oltmann standard bank gallery
Painting by Walter Oltmann (along with my dear Shai looking like a creep)
And then a wire work by Walter Oltmann
gabriel goliath's faces of war goodman gallery johannesburg
gabriel goliath faces of war
1st: Gabrielle Goliath's Faces of War
2nd: Photo I took of my friend, Shai, with one of the pieces from Goliath's collection
Below: more work from Walter Oltmann - all of them mostly wire
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
standard bank art gallery
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
Khenzo xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

P R O M with ModCloth

P R O M with ModCloth

P R O M with ModCloth by khenzonatalia showing what to wear with beaded medallions
I was recently approached by ModCloth to enter their Polyvore Blogger competition and this week's theme was prom (which coincides with The Carrie Diaries season two junior-senior prom episode - eek, how parfait?). Now, I've unfortunately never been to prom (and probably won't ever get invited) but I've watched and studied enough American film and television to know pretty much everything about it that I've planned and dreamt one up almost every year or every time I saw a prom episode. 

Would I be Prom Queen or {insert something clever yet cheesy that rhymes}?

Khenzo xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

[Outfit Post] The Feels Keep Coming

romantic photography sleeping black girl
60s inspired outfitshift dress and high heel sandals
Friday night we had a Seniors' Valentines' Cocktail thing and all my better plans were destroyed so I went. It was a good excuse to dress up and just dance and flip imaginary weaves. But it also reminded me why Valentines' Day is such a poo fest.

It really upset me that a day that started out so well, with me being really excited about all the gifts my friends and I got and gave each other and feeling pretty good about, like, everything, ended up with me feeling lonely and like I was missing out on some bigger picture. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I need a boyfriend or anything and there moments of pure magic when I was singing and dancing and stuffing my face (like every single girl at a couples party) but it was just so saddening, I guess, and/or nauseating when I was surrounded by couples, being cute and slow dancing and making out and there I was at the buffet table eating stale bread and consoling myself.

That's the dark side to Valentines' Day, I guess. But now with some retrospect, I know I only felt those things because I was being attacked at every angle with romance, love and the sort.
black girl short relaxed pixie cut
I was feeling very mod that night, well at least I think I was, so I wore this tiny shift dress thing from Mr Price, ye old sequin skirt and my David Tlale for LEGiT sandals (which have been high up on my shelves for almost a year now, only touched once). I got this really great ear cuff and beaded necklaces from Mr Price too - my dad let me indulge a little bit the other day (but it's not really indulging since everything was really cheap and I spent just under R200 on a bomber jacket, a romper, the tiny shift dress thing, beaded necklaces and my ear cuff). And who am I if I'm without rings and my leather band as a choker?

I felt a little flapper like with my short hear and exposed (broad?) shoulders and kind of Twiggy like as well with my short skirt and beads and bare legs.
sixties mod pixie cut and shift dress
david tlale for legit sandals
Khenzo xx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Smushy Love Songs

highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zoey
white blouse under lilac bandeau and black velvet skirtdr. martens cotton on black velvet skirt
I can' think of any love song lyrics on the one day it's actually relevant. Especially considering what a mushy, heartfelt day it was filled with roses, dirty jokes and sweets. I think this has been the first Valentines' Day since 2008 that I didn't feel anti-establishment/like the whole world is dumb/why am I alone, am I gonna be this way forever/why don't I ever get roses and cards and shit I don't really want/what is wrong with everyone.
I'd like to think I've grown in that I've come to accept Valentines' Day as what it is and that it's fun time to spoil my friends or dress up or live vicariously through my friends' romantic escapades.

I wore a Mr Price blouse and bandeau (that got ruined in the wash), a Cotton On velvet skirt and my faux Martens from Zando.
blouse spiked collar
dirty dr. marterns
franny and zooey by j.d. salinger
If you followed Tavi, which you should be doing right now, you'd have been made aware of Franny and Zoey. This novel is the best thing to have happened to me since The Catcher in the Rye and Under the Dome this summer. These are just some of my favourite quotes:
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey

In other news I GOT MY PHONE BACK! And it's better than ever. There aren't anymore scratches and chips on the sides, it doesn't vibrate randomly, the main camera works and it's like all the sunshine is on me.
Also, here are a few pages from my Starbucks moleskin journal:
12 steps to reaching nirvana
moleskin journal page and rocky horror show souvenir
journal drawings starbucks moleskin
cell phone withdrawal illustration moleskin journal
moleskin journal illustrations

Khenzo xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Trannies & Strange Magic

Warning: my face is so gross in every one of these photos and I am so sorry for being ugly in public and then daring to post it on the Internet. Don't hate me.
clashing prints blouse and topshop jeans topshop platformsclashing prints blouse and topshop jeans topshop platforms
 {Blouse: LEGiT | Jeans: Topshop | Stacked platforms: Topshop (one of those girls, I know) | Headband fighting back naps and exposing gross face: Clicks}
Tuesday night, I went with my school group to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Teatro and I've been assimilated. I can't believe I've gone so long without having had seen it and it was pure magic. From the songs (!), dance numbers (!!), the costumes (!!!) and the brilliance of the actors! I'm going to need to see it five more times if my soul is ever going to remain at peace.
Going to the Teatro was also a fun excuse to sort of dress up. 'Sort of' because I had to attempt completing all my homework before going and my hair's doing this thing and my face is doing this other thing and I hate everything I own.
desktop screenshot with early novel, tumblr, childish gambino and paintings
Screen shot of my laptop. Left to right: short story and/or novel I'm working on; I only ever listen to Childish Gambino and Eminem lately; admiring my new Tumblr layout and wanting blue hair; getting inspired from really amazing art.
Guess who broke her precious iPhone (that she loves so much, promise) and now has to roll around like it's 1996. I am now spending even more time on my laptop - which I didn't think was possible - and suffering from serious music/Twitter/Instagram withdrawal. I don't know who I am anymore!
the death of marat by david
The Death of Marat, David
pink self portrait by zoe schlacter
Pink Self-Portrait, Zoe Schlacter
dori by zoe schlacter
Dori, Zoe Schlacter.
With all of the time I've spent on the Internet, I've been looking up and researching new artists, techniques and so on. The above painting by David is pretty much an accurate of how I'm probably going to die. Except I'd have music playing and a Judy Blume book in hand. And I wouldn't have been stabbed - I'll have slipped and broke my head and my thirty-two cats would eat my remains.
wildfox couture and nasty gal look book compilation
wildfox couture and nasty gal look book compilation
 These are collages I've made of recent Wildfox and Nasty Gal lookbooks that match the fairy aesthetic I've been feeling lately.

 Now onto hours and hours of homework. SCHOOL IS RUINING MY LIFE.
Khenzo xx

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