Thursday, 18 December 2014

The WKND Social x @Fiat_SA

Like all good stories, it started at a party. Actually, no, it started during my dad's surprise party clean-up. My friend, Kelicia, was over and in between mopping up red wine spills and lipstick stains off of glasses, we were beside ourselves because we really wanted to go to the final WKND Social of the year but our pint-sized wallets and desire for a pretty boy to treat us to nice things meant that we didn't have any tickets.

We were so beside ourselves that the idea of entering a competition with Fiat, wherein all Kelicia had to do was book a test drive and then, should she be chosen, get a driver from Fiat in the new (and very adorable) Fiat 500 as well as complimentary tickets to the WKND Social and the WKND Social after-party and a personal photographer. It was way too good to be true and while I rolled my eyes, Kelicia entered.

And she won.

I tried to keep it pretty simple and try some new things, like let the hem of my shirt show beneath my skirt considering we were gonna have a photo shoot for Fiat. My shirt is from a charity shop in Istanbul, my skirt Pull & Bear and my studded creepers from K&B in Istanbul. I crafted my choker in five minutes before we had to leave from some ribbon and, yes, it was a little white-girl-basic, wore a bindhi but considering that it matched my eyebrows I think I can be forgiven.
We also got to hang and take some really bad selfies (I look like a miss-me-with-that-bull meme in every single one) with Tee Tee Is With Me blogger Thithi Ntetha, who also started and runs The WKND Social. Her braids gave me life as well as those really cute boots.
Kelicia with the other winner, Fezile.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Going In Like a Violin

 It's 10 days into December and I've finally gotten over holiday brain (the stupor of carbs all day, carbs with other people all night) and my friends circulating 'ninja, we made it' memes (we're officially done with the school year) and fixed my router and I'm blogging again ish. I've been crazy lax with taking photos of outfits and what I'm doing to my room and I'm not sure whether to try Photoshop the ones on my phone or reshoot or cry. I always end up choosing the third one.

I figured I'd share some journal pages I took photos of and new books.

 Note lipstick in orange is my absolute favourite thing right now along with my namesake perfume from KENZO that smells like how crispy white cottons and silks feel. I just finished A Clockwork Orange - which wasn't too easy because of the intended difficult use of Russian language as slang - and I can't even organise my thoughts beyond 'OMG OMG OMG'. I Love Dick is one of my absolute favourite autobiographies/novels/religious-texts and I finally have my own copy. Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg: The Letters and The Ethical Slut are some recommeneded reads from Rookie.
 A friend, during a drunken rant, convinced me that everything I used to love Kanye West for was basically almost everything I've been sleeping on Pharrell for as well. And then some. I'm only halfway through the interviews and editorials and essays and I'm almost ready to forgive Pharrell for being a New Black and having a name I always have to double check in spelling.
 Rose and Vintage's Ellie convinced me to get the Wes Anderson Collection and while I haven't begun to read it, the photos are so pretty and have kept me from focusing on the actual text.
 I found an old Oxford dictionary I used to use religiously in grade five and started cutting up my favourite definitions. I used to be obsessed with trying to learn every single word in it and stunning all my peasant friends with my wealth of knowledge.
 We've been experiencing rolling blackouts so I've found myself with a lot of candlewax art. This is my favourite. I discovered that pouring hot wax over paper and then peeling it off made it rather transparent. These are some weeds I'm letting die in my journal along with a bad watercolour.
 A page I made for the 324th day of the year when I was anxious and felt like I couldn't study anymore. I also heard the Cool Cafe Volume II that day - hence the lungs.
 This is the first page of my August-October journal.
 Stress doodles during English when my teacher brought up the future and university drama.
 Quote from twitter. Compasses because I really wanted (want) some direction in life.

While Photoshopping my selfies, I found this header from Amy Scheppper's old Fancy Pants the blog blog and it matched my feels:

Thursday, 4 December 2014

MRP x Not So Bummer Summer

It's officially and undoubtedly summer and who better to attend outdoor concerts, pool parties, lounging at the beach and picnics with than Mr Price. Scientific fact; almost all South Africans have a ridiculously romantic relationship with December. It's a time of sun burns, short shorts, rooftops, sunsets, outdoor music and celebrating how far you've made it this year. It's a time when everyone gets those piercings, loses a precious leather jacket at Matric Rage (I'm side-eying my sister here), shaves the side of their head and looks forward to hot days and cool nights to remember forever. And you can't make those kinds of memories without being aesthetically prepared to have your life changed forever. Once again, Mr Price got you, fam.

Starting with another collaboration with British designer, Henry Holland and his technicolour-haired music, DJ Chloe Norgaard - a line that features everyone's favourite trend at the moment: active wear. It's clashing conversation starting prints, breezy fabrics for the girl who can't be tied down too long and all at liveable prices for the funemployed, wanting to be fabuluxe. It doesn't just begin and end there. Mesh tops, fleece joggers and graphic vests. Think wrapped jumpsuits, quirky statement tees and our favourite ugly sandals like jellies and strappy grandad sliders. Don't be afraid to check out the graphic print shirts and shorts in the guys' section either.

Fancy Mr Price bitties aren't just limited to cool kids brave enough to step outside in the heat, you can also shop from the website or the Mr Price App which also happens to ship internationally.
source // shop the look
source // shop the look
source // shop the look

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. My views, however, are still my own and I would stand by them whether or not I was being paid. But, like, I also like to eat. Dignity intact though.
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