Sunday, 24 May 2015

From Mad Hatters to Book Launches

There's nothing like sitting around on a Friday night wanting plans because you are so funny and so cool and everyone should witness it only to actually have very full Saturday and realise that you're a pile of bricks with nothing to wear actually.

A friend invited me to the book launch of his self-published anthalogy of poems, You Are the Sky on Saturday night. It was a really lovely evening with his friends performing music, poetry and the like. It was really affirming to see so many people band behind this kid, I mean he's eighteen years old with his own book, and just come out to genuinely support him and buy his product. It was a great reminder that sometimes all you have to do is just put yourself out there and people will support. 
Earlier that Saturday I also went to an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party which was hosted in my friend's so-called backyard (I don't know if you can still give it the label of the homely 'backyard' when there's a private dam and her very own population of geese). We got manicures, painted the roses red, make a quilt and ate a lot of cookies and drank lots of tea out of 'drink me' bottles and 'eat me' trays.

Friday, 8 May 2015

MemoPad Notes

I want somebody / that can touch my body / who's lovin' everybody / but's lovin' nobody but me / and nobody can see / what me and her are doin' / in our spare time / that was our time / it isn't their time. 
Starry Room - Jaden Smith - CCV1

I should be applying to university or catching up on all the homework I keep missing because of my sleep shaped procrastination but instead I'm really upset that RapGenius described Jaden Smith's Starry Room as "Jaden Smith wrote this song about Stella Hudgens, and as an apology to her for messing up in their relationship. He also apologizes to his past girlfriends." Yeah, OK, RapGenius, and the sky is just molecules scattering blue light from the sun. 
These are all notes I've left on my phone that I thought I would journal.

Post format heavily inspired by Claire.
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