Sunday, 24 May 2015

From Mad Hatters to Book Launches

There's nothing like sitting around on a Friday night wanting plans because you are so funny and so cool and everyone should witness it only to actually have very full Saturday and realise that you're a pile of bricks with nothing to wear actually.

A friend invited me to the book launch of his self-published anthalogy of poems, You Are the Sky on Saturday night. It was a really lovely evening with his friends performing music, poetry and the like. It was really affirming to see so many people band behind this kid, I mean he's eighteen years old with his own book, and just come out to genuinely support him and buy his product. It was a great reminder that sometimes all you have to do is just put yourself out there and people will support. 
Earlier that Saturday I also went to an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party which was hosted in my friend's so-called backyard (I don't know if you can still give it the label of the homely 'backyard' when there's a private dam and her very own population of geese). We got manicures, painted the roses red, make a quilt and ate a lot of cookies and drank lots of tea out of 'drink me' bottles and 'eat me' trays.


  1. 1. That dress.
    2. Self-publishing literary babies? Omg. I'd actually like to read the book.

  2. that alice in wonderland tea party looks amazing my gosh, your eyebrows are amazing as always
    and I agree with Nomali- putting out work like poetry is amazing (self-published science on the other hand is like, abysmal... just something to think about)

  3. the party looks so amazing and your outfits/ make up do too.

  4. omg now this is a party I'd crash. Seriously, the party looks so sweet and your makeup is on whole other level of artistic genius

  5. serious eyebrow envy! your themed party looks great, I love the tea cups


  6. this whole post basically slays. I want to go to an Alice in Wonderland party now :( xx

  7. Once again your eyebrows are amazing and the Alice in Wonderland tea part sounds wonderful! x

  8. Beautiful pics :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.



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