Sunday, 18 October 2015

The End of Era and Superbalist

The only thing more absent than my presence on this here blarb, is my desire to see the year's end. This Sunday not only concludes the end of a week but the end of an era. High school is officially over (only to an extent, of course, there are still final examinations to be written) and I wanted to celebrate my delving into one of my favourite aesthetics; une IG bad-bad.

Oh, you know, those super beautiful girls you only ever see on Instagram with 20 inch weaves and contour for the gawds, the world's supply of pencil skirts and lace up high heel sandals. They're always going to fancy lunches and drinking artisan coffees and taking super lowkey selfies with beyps.

And, just in time, I received a R500 voucher from the really lovely people at Superbalist (which I still pronounce super-balist even though I've learnt it's superb a-list) and copped this amazing Vera Moda jacket and extra long pencil skirt. Which, given my recent obsession with the IG bad-bads, has been the most coveted item in my wishlist.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how far I could stretch R500 on a website that imports high street fashion from around the world and in between the beautiful jacket and skirt, I also got a really lovely piece of art too. And shopping with Superbalist was a dream. The website is clean in design and easy to navigate, they keep you updated on your shipping progress and send you an SMS the day-of-delivery to tell you when your parcel is going to arrive.

Shop Superbalist (which also ships internationally, btw) here. I also recommend that you hurry because their stock sells out rather quickly.

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