Hey, there.
So you have a question, a bit of advice, maybe a link to one of those rad panda sneezing videos or you simply just want to say hi? Just throw a rock at my window and jimmy up the water pipes and we can have lemon tart and 7Up. Or, if that's too terrific for you, just send me an email:
Don't question the address, just send, send, send.
Now, where's my rabbit?


  1. Heey Khenzo just poppin in to say...awesum blog, imma drop in erryday now (that's just how obsessed i am) keep it cool! <3:P

  2. you seem so.. fresh, so cheerful. i don't know, it's just so adorable ^___^

    [ ]


We can also talk about the overweight, grey cat I'm gonna name Atticus one day or how you're feeling.

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